We’re more than just Brazilain jiu jitsu and martial arts training! SubForce HYBRID Fitness classes incorporate a plethora of cutting edge training methods that include: circuit training, interval training, agility training, tabatas, cardio, kettlebells, club-bells, medicine balls, sandbags, battling ropes, and MORE! Our fun, creative workouts challenge EVERY muscle in your body.

Why spend hours in a gym? Doing high-intensity intervals of strength training interspersed with explosive plyometric movements, and bursts of cardio, helps to sculpt muscle, torch fat, and forge the BEST version of yourself. Our goal is bigger than just losing weight or shaping up. Through our Boot Camp Fitness classes you are:

  • Building cardiovascular endurance
  • Strengthening your muscles and improving your resistance to fatigue
  • Strengthening your bones, greatly reducing risk of developing osteoporosis
  • Improving flexibility and agility, much like a martial arts fitness training program
  • Building confidence in your self-defense ability
  • Reducing stress
  • Forging a bulletproof MIND

There are 24 hours in a day. Can you commit to 35 minutes, just 3 days a week? Yes… you CAN! A healthier, fitter, more confident YOU is within your grasp.
Sign-up for our Boot Camp today to learn more about our program!