TEXTSFWhile the title of this article is “3 Ways Our MMA, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes Work For Both Kids And Adults,” it might as well be “Adults Want To Have Fun Like Kids Do.”

Martial arts can be serious business…it’s a multi-billion dollar industry and people have devoted their entire lives to it. And there’s not doubt that we take our martials arts training seriously and offer the best world class martial arts that we can.

But we also recognize that the best way to get exercise and to keep your body healthy is to have fun while you’re doing it. So here are some thoughts as to why adults enjoy it so much.

It involves time on the ground: Kids like to get on the floor. Many would rather watch TV on the floor, maybe use their iPads on the floor. And they don’t mind pretending to die and taking their act all the way to the carpet (so long as the floor isn’t made of lava, of course).

Most BJJ matches end up on the mat, and though it might at first seem strange, our childhood interest in being comfortable “out of a chair” returns in no time. (Much of that comfort comes from the return of our limber limbs that have stiffened up as we age.)

It involves wrestling: As much as schools try to discourage it on the playground (and we understand), wrestling is just a part of growing up. We’re not talking about organized wrestling, but the playful wrestling to see if you can make someone say “uncle.”

That scene in the movies: We’ve grown up our entire lives seeing movies where the hero can effortlessly dominate a person with just an arm lock. We thought that was cool when we were kids, and we still want to do that!

So while martial arts might be serious business, our adult desire for play fits in pretty easily. Check out our schedule to see which class will work best for you.