The SubForce Brazilain Jiu-Jitsu Age 7-14 Combatives Class focuses on real world self-defense scenarios, such as: multiple attackers against one person; defenses against weapons (knife, stick, gun, etc.); and, essentially, survival when in peril. Our Combatives Class is a fun and eye-opening experience. Our students quickly learn that a real street fight is not like a martial arts competition — there are no rules to protect you from serious harm. They also learn that fights do not always play out how they are often presented in movies or video games. Through our program they learn how to defend themselves against multiple attackers and against a variety of weapons. Students also learn how to use a variety of weapons against attackers effectively in order to take control of the situation until they can get away from the threat. For self-defense, there’s no better kids martial arts class. Check out the schedule here.