The 11-14 Kids Mixed Martial Arts Program revolves around teaching functional martial arts and serves as a great release from the stresses of school and pre-teen/teenage life. Each kids martial arts class includes a FUN, creative, challenging workouts; team based obstacles; and cutting edge mixed martial arts. All of these are the basis of this program. Grappling and sparring take place once a week not just so that students apply what is being learned, but also to help them develop comfort in compromising positions.

The transition from child to teen happens within this age group. It is a time when school and/or street fights — chaotic and often unforgiving events — can be real experiences faced. It is also a time when kids are at their most influential. Through our kids martial arts program, we arm our students with positive role models, and the tools and confidence necessary for SUCCESS  no matter where they find themselves.

Essential SKILLS that students in our program acquire:

  • Confidence within themselves and around others
  • Emphasis on non-violent conflict resolution
  • Respect for themselves and others
  • Life skills
  • Real world self-defense skills
  • Goal setting
  • Fun atmosphere for learning that keeps them engaged
  • Discipline on and off the mat
  • Ability to follow rules & class structure
  • Increased focus
  • Problem solving skills
  • Character development
  • Building blocks for developing balance & coordination & agility
  • Building blocks of athleticism
  • Knowledge of how best to practice developing skills
  • Improved listening and communication skills
  • Knowledge of healthy eating habits
  • Teamwork

It’s time to give your teenager or preteen the confidence they need to get through their middle school and high school years…introduce them to kids martial arts classes today!