Many 7-10 year olds seem to be heavily consumed with social media and video gaming — a worldwide epidemic! This domination by electronic devices can be thwarted with 2-8 hours of weekly kids martial arts and health & fitness training. We are here to help you do that! Through fun races, a variety of exercises, and team-based activities, SubForce BJJ provides exuberant experiences and great workouts!

Our 7-10 Kids Mixed Martial Arts Program curriculum is designed to develop a strong foundation of the martial arts, teaching elements of multiple styles of fighting (i.e. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai kickboxing, judo, etc.) and allowing kids to grapple and spar in class for real world self-defense skill development. Even more importantly, we teach and emphasize having and maintaining a good, healthy, ACTIVE lifestyle in both body and mind.

Some of the AMAZING benefits of our kids program include:

  • Confidence within themselves and around other children
  • Emphasis on non-violent conflict resolution
  • Life skills
  • Real world self-defense skills
  • Goal setting
  • Fun atmosphere for learning that keeps them engaged
  • Discipline on and off the mat
  • Ability to follow rules & class structure
  • Increased focus
  • Problem solving
  • Character development
  • Building blocks for developing balance & coordination
  • Building blocks of athleticism
  • Knowledge of how best to practice developing skills
  • Improved listening and communication skills
  • Knowledge of healthy eating habits
  • Teamwork

Don’t let you kids just sit there! Find out what they’ll discover in our martial arts classes for kids in the video below: