DSMAkids-1197-1When it comes to our studio classes, few are more fun than our kids martial arts classes. While they are certainly structured, they give us a chance to enjoy our profession through new eyes, and make a welcome change from our adult classes.

We can slow down: Martial arts are intense! Matches and sparring are often over before you know it. So in such a fast-paced sport, it’s important to be be able to slow down when engaging an opponent and realize that not every match is about complete domination!

By teaching kids martial arts classes, it reminds us that we were once all beginners (which in turn helps us have more patience with our adult beginners!) This also helps us…

Practice the fundamentals: Martial arts moves can get complex…there are hundreds of ways to get an opponent to submit. But if we forget the fundamentals, we might lose to a simpler move to a much less experienced opponent…and that’s just embarrassing. By teaching the basics, we’re reminded that sometimes the simplest move is the best.

It teaches control: When we’re teaching martial arts for kids, there’s something very important we want them to know. They must learn control…when to use their abilities and when to withhold their power.

The same comes for us when we’re teaching kids martial arts. Whether it’s mixed martial arts or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the instructors for our kids martial arts classes must be models of power control in order to properly interact with the kids.


Teaching martial arts for kids is an honor that we don’t take lightly. If your child is interested, give us a call today or check out the schedule here.