We’re big fans of martial arts for kids. But you might say “of course you are, that’s your business.” True, but if we were car dealers or accountants we’d still recognize the many, many advantages that come with martials arts for children of any age. Let’s take a look at some of the most tangible.

They’re More Active — At first it might just seem like the typical cycle of an older generation complaining about a younger generation: “Kids these days don’t get out enough! And even when they do, they’re on my lawn!” But growing childhood obesity rates don’t lie, and kids are less active than ever. Not only that, but being less active in the house means that they’re closer to the pantry and the refrigerator, so they have constant access to snacks.

There are no screens allowed on the mat, and getting your child out of the house for martial arts lessons prevents them from snacking and gets them moving. This is good for their hearts, arteries, muscles, and every other part of their body that moves whenever exercise is involved. No matter how often you get them here, whether it’s for our Competition Class or our Combative Class (or both) they’ll be getting more exercise than ever before.

They’ll Learn To Get Back Up — In kids martial arts training, and in martial arts in general, it’s important to get back up. And we’re not just talking about getting back up from grappling on the ground  in Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Kids today aren’t taught to deal with failure, and there will be times when they fail in our classes. They’re going to lose in sparring, they’re going to not get certain moves the first time…but they’re going to learn that it’s not okay to stop trying. Failures are fine, as long as it doesn’t lead to quitting.

We’re talking about a contact sport, so there will be times when your child might come home sore. But martial arts helps them realize that getting hit means bouncing back, and that the more you learn and the better you get, you’re less likely to get hit (or get locked) the next time!

Increase Their Conflict Resolution and Self-Confidence — When we teach a martial art, we like to remind kids that it is both a sport and a means to protect yourself. Part of that is knowing when, and when not to, use the skills you have learned in a physical way.

Simply having the skills to take control of a situation can lead to a great increase in self-confidence. If you know they have the power to control the situation if it comes to physical conflict, a child can be more confident in the verbal exchange that can help diffuse a situation.

Mind / Body Balance — When we talk about the balance between the body and the mind, we’re not talking about Eastern religion or new age beliefs. We’re talking about getting to know your body so that you’re mind knows where it is at all times. Think about closing your eyes and touching your nose; your mind knows exactly how to move your body without the help of your eyes. Martial arts can help kids make even more connections between their mind, body, and the environment. This helps with balance issues as well, which is important for kids as their bodies are growing quickly.

These are just a few of the great advantages that kids in Rutherford and the Lyndhurst area can gain when they take martial arts classes with SubForce and Dragon Spirit. Check out our schedule to see which class would be best for your child.