subforceCTA1You might be asking yourself if our martial arts for kids will be right for you child? You know your son or daughter best, but here are some questions we’re pretty sure we can answer for you.

Does you kid need exercise? — Yes! It doesn’t matter if you child is overweight or underweight, they still need exercise. Our kids martial arts classes, whether it’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or mixed martial arts training, will get them moving! They’ll have stronger hearts and muscles, and be more limber!

Does your child need protection? — Yes! There will most likely be a time in their lives when your child needs to defend him or herself. The great thing about a sport like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is that it’s an excellent way for smaller opponents to take control of the situation. Even the simplest moves they will learn in our kids martial arts classes can stay with them their entire lives, giving them an advantage they otherwise might not have. And they can do it without having to throw a punch.

Does your child need confidence? — Yes! Martial arts for kids can help to bring out the confidence in even the most shy child. Or if your child is currently confident in some aspects, wouldn’t it be nice to see them confident in every aspect, both mentally and physically? It’s something we intentionally focus on in our kids martial arts classes.

The important thing to remember is that no one knows your child like you do. In the end, whether or not to start kids martial arts will be a decision that you have to make together. If that happens, we hope you’ll find that the inviting atmosphere at Dragon Spirit will be the first step your child takes toward a lifelong love of the sport.