During all this time of writing blogs, we’ve never taken the time to stop and respond to some of the reviews we’ve received about our martial arts classes. Lucky for us, we have a lot of reviews and nearly every one has something nice to say about about us. Sometimes customers bring up points that we’ve never discussed before, so we thought we’d spend some time responding to our Google reviews. Let’s get started.

“From the moment I walked into this school I knew I was at the right place!!! Most amazing instructors whose skills and ideas are reflected into all their students, from ages 4 to 44. So much fun, quality training, and one hell of a work out!!”

— Sarah Awad

Thanks for writing in, Sarah. Glad to have you as a part of our martial arts school.

We certainly do everything we can to make Subforce as inviting as possible, and of course a lot of that is the attitude of the instructors. In fact, most people seem to know right off whether or not this is the type of place for them. We certainly do everything we can to make the classes as fun as possible, all while teaching you what you need to know about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Muay Thai.

“I’m new to BJJ and started at SubForce couple of months ago.

I couldn’t be happier with my experience there.

All the teachers and students that I’ve meet so far are very welcoming.

It’s a fun way to learn a serious art.”

— Jamie Gustis

Glad to have you, Jamie. A couple of months is certainly enough time to figure out whether or not Subforce is right for you, and it seems that you’ve made the right decision. Like we told Sarah up above, we do what we can to make sure everyone feels as welcome as possible, no matter their skill level. After all, we all have to start somewhere!

We’re also glad you mentioned our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes as a form of art. The fact is, we agree. There’s certainly an art to it, and we believe BJJ to be one of the most artful martial arts out there. It’s art, exercise, mental exercise, and play all at the same time!

“Such an AMAZING place to train. The coaches are super cool and really go out of their way to make the training exceptional regardless of your experience level. I can’t recommend Subforce BJJ enough.”

— Jerry Wetzel

Thanks, Jerry. Everything we do is put together so that as many people as possible can feel comfortable in our facility. If working our students hard makes us cool, then yeah, we’re pretty cool!

“A superb school where you will grow, learn, train hard and gain knowledge on how to build up a better SELF. Marcos & Abe offer an environment that is conducive to learning both the most complex and the most basic techniques of the gentle art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. No need for gender bias, or “meatheads,” this is a place to train with both men and women, of all ages and sizes. A place where everyone respectfully learns from and trains with each other.  These two professors are Showing The Art effectively! An epitome of how a martial arts school should be run. Keep up the amazing work!”

— Jade Chan

Whew, there’s a lot to break out there, Jade! Let’s take a look at it a bit more closely.

You’re right, we are interested in helping each of the students in our martial arts classes build a better self. Of course, self can be defined in many ways, but in general we want to help you discover who you are by exercising many aspects of who you are. This includes self-confidence, decision making, physical well-being, and improving social skills. You’ll get these during every class.

We’re glad you noticed our distinct lack of “meatheads.” There’s a place for people like that, and it’s usually with each other! They simply don’t get the response they’re looking for at our martial arts school and tend to fall away. BJJ and Muay Thai classes are all about working together in order to learn such an equalizing form of self-defense.

Okay, that’s enough reviews for today. We’re so happy that our students think enough of us to write reviews about our martial arts training and hope that the next batch of students will be so kind. If these reviews have convinced anyone out there that’s it’s time to join martial arts classes, check out our class schedules right here.