528922_598419583507468_1426021271_nSo when you step through the doors of SubForce BJJ, what are you looking for? What made you say “that’s for me, because I want to accomplish XYZ”?

Here’s the good thing: When it comes to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training (or any type of martial art training) you don’t have to choose. Because you will get exercise, you will get better at defending yourself, and you will increase your discipline. Let’s look at those a bit more:

Defense – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (aka BJJ) has one amazing distinction when it comes to defense: it allows a smaller opponent to have the same opportunities as a larger one. This makes it excellent martial art training for kids (and for anyone, really). It’s a great way to take control of a dangerous situation.

Discipline – There are two aspects to discipline…the discipline that you show in class and the discipline you show out of class. In class, it’s important to listen to your BJJ instructor and trust them to teach you the proper techniques that will dominate. It will also help you with your discipline in other aspects of your life, as you become focused in everything you do.

Exercise – it’s easy to see how BJJ classes can exercise the body. You’re stretched, you’re moving, you’re learning to exercise muscles you never even knew you had! (And if you want more training, we have martial arts fitness classes to get you even more ready for each class.)

Whether you’re interested in our adult classes or Brazilian jiu jitsu lessons for kids, we’ve got the martial arts classes for you. Check out the schedule for our Brazilian jiu jitsu classes here, and try us out two weeks for free.