dreamstime_xxl_37524522It’s always awesome when a family can find something in common that they all enjoy. Martial arts training in Lyndhurst is a wonderful way a family can grow together when they’re learning the same martial art.

While SubForce BJJ doesn’t have any current classes where families will do the same training at the same time, classes such as Brazilian jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts training are available to kids and adults at different times. (If there’s enough demand for an all-at-once class, we’d be sure to consider it…be sure to contact us and let us know.)

So how can family martial arts class help your family grow closer?

Gives you common ground – When kids start talking about the latest video game or some friends at school who you don’t know, it’s great to listen to them. But when you have the common ground of attending a martial arts class, you don’t have to just listen…you can interact with your kids about one more thing that truly matters to them, and can relate much more when you see them compete.

It instills a love of exercise – When a parent exercises it encourages the children to exercise as well. And when you find something you like doing that gets you exercise, hold on to it! Enjoying your exercise is the best way to make sure that you’ll keep up with it, so make sure that you find the right martial art that’s for you, whether it’s Brazillian jiu jitsu or mixed martial arts training.

It makes the learning faster and easier – Maybe you left the last class not quite grasping the way to perform that grapple. If there are three other people in your household training in the same martial art, it will be that much easier for them to help you perform the move (and since they’re also trained, neither of you is as likely to get hurt!)

Families that participate in martial arts training together form lasting memories. Sign up for some classes today!