dreamstime_xxl_38195607Martial arts training is an incredible way to bring awareness to the connection between your mind and body, and there’s no doubt that it’s an incredible exercise.

But while participating in a couple of Brazilian jiu jitsu or muay thai kickboxing classes per week is a great start on your way to fitness, those classes alone won’t be enough to get you a sculpted body. Here’s are ways that our martial arts fitness training classes will help.

You’re always moving – Martial arts training involves focus and study, because you’re not only watching the instructor, going through moves slowly, and reviewing what you’ve learned . So there are down times in a martial arts class.

When it comes to martial arts fitness training, you’re going to be moving. You will receive instruction, but you’ll always be getting your heart moving

You’ll get more stamina – When you’re training for martial arts, the person who tires faster is often the person who ends up losing the fight. Martial arts fitness training is a great way to increase your stamina because we’ll be working on cardio, which will help you get through your workout and feel better.

You’ll get more power – Because we work with weights such as kettlebells, clubbells, and medicine balls, you’re muscles will get bigger. And while Brazilian jiu jitsu is all about a smaller opponent overcoming a larger one, there’s always an advantage in being stronger no matter what situation you’re in.

Taking a martial arts fitness class is a great way to get in shape in a fun way, and is an excellent way to increase your agility for any martial arts training. Check out the schedule here.