The definition of sport can really be debated. Is horseback riding a sport, even though the horse is doing most of the work? How about driving a racecar, where the most movement that occurs inside the car is a few inches down on the pedal and a few inches left on the steering wheel? If sport can be defined as something that has to get you exercise, then there are many sports that simply wouldn’t make it (we’re looking at you, chess!).

There’s no doubt, though, that even though martial arts training from us is an excellent means of self-defense, it’s also a fun and engaging sport. In fact, our martial arts classes are a great way to get fit, thanks to the amount of movement involved in each sport. But losing a few pounds (or putting that weight in the right place) isn’t the only physical advantage you can get from martial arts training. Let’s take a look at the positive attributes that can be gained from either Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Muay Thai kickboxing.

Balance Is Improved

If you’ve ever watched an Olympic gymnast and wondered how they could ever do what they do, the word practice comes to mind. That’s because the more you do something, the better the connections are between your mind and your limbs. But it’s not just about sticking the landing…it’s about not falling if you don’t! Yes, you want to land perfectly, but balance also allows you to recover from any missteps.

So when it comes to our martial arts classes, your balance is going to be improved in just about every way. Not only will you be able to grapple with people and have the advantage, but you’ll be able to recover better if they end up getting the advantage over you. Your balance won’t be improved during the very first martial arts class, but the more you use your body the better you’ll get at controlling it.

Become More Flexible

Nearly all of us could stand to be a bit more flexible. While flexibility is second nature when you’re young, the body starts to stiffen up as we approach our 40s. Even simple tasks like getting out of a low vehicle or bending over to pick up a coin from the ground aren’t as easy as just a few years ago.

No matter your age, martial arts training can increase your flexibility. Not only will you be able to do more — and have the advantage during martial arts classes — but you’ll simply feel better.

Increase Your Strength

Most martial arts are about giving one person an advantage over another, even if they’re physically weaker. Nowhere is this more true than in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training, which was particularly designed for a weaker opponent to overpower a stronger one.

Still, resistance creates muscle. While strength isn’t as important as technique in BJJ training, it can be important. Whether you increase your strength by grappling in class or you head to the gym to get stronger, it’s going to feel good having tighter muscles.

Improve Your Life!

We’d love to help you get healthier and have better control over your body. Check out our schedule here to see how our martial arts classes can fit into your life!