In our previous blog we discussed some of the reasons that most martial arts training doesn’t include the use of weapons. And while we acknowledged that some military martial arts do incorporate the use of weapons, most of those are about harming someone in order to disable them or even kill them.

So, let’s reel it in a bit. Let’s talk about why, in the modern world of self-defense, not having weapons is usually a better idea than having them. Why is it better to be proficient with a martial art than randomly carrying a gun, knife, or taser? Let’s take a look.

You Can’t Have Your Martial Art Used Against You

Let’s say that someone is attacking you with their fists. If you have a weapon on you and it’s knocked out of your hands, guess what’s happened? You’ve introduced something into the equation that’s more dangerous than their fists. And if it gets knocked out of your hands, you’ve given them something that can be used against you.

On the other hand, no one will be able to use your own hands against you. Even if they come at you with a striking martial art and they are stronger than you, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training can help you disable them and help you come out on top…and that’s not something that can get knocked out of your hand and used against you.

You Can’t Have Your Martial Art Confiscated

No matter where you are, you’ll always have your martial art with you. Heading to the gym? You’ve got it with you. Getting on a plane? Any weapons would have to go in checked baggage, but your martial art flies with you. Anywhere you go that a traditional weapon couldn’t, you’ll still be able to have your self-defense moves with you to protect yourself and those around you.

You’re Less Likely To Be Seen As The Aggressor

If you’re in a fight with someone and you have a weapon, you’re going to be seen as the aggressor. Even if they’re moving toward you and you’re backing away, if you have a knife or gun in your hand you’re going to be identified as the person who’s more dangerous and is therefore in the wrong.

Imagine trying to defend yourself by pulling out a knife. If a cop comes, he is going to draw his firearm and aim at you, not at the person approaching you. He’s going to tell you to drop the knife, and you’re going to be the first one to be handcuffed. Since the officer already has made an opinion about you as the aggressor, they’ll be more likely to believe the person you were defending yourself against. Weapons automatically make you the more dangerous person in an officer’s eyes.

If you can get out of a sticky situation without a weapon, it’s always better than risking having something go wrong. Weaponless martial arts, those where only the body is used (and the opponent’s clothing, as is the case with BJJ), is a great way to avoid the problems mentioned above. Find out more about it right here!