Most parents are looking for ways to encourage their children to find activities that appeal to them. Sometimes it’s soccer, sometimes it’s piano, and sometimes it’s simply a child following in their parent’s footsteps and taking up boating!

So as you’re looking for activities for your children in the Lyndhurst area, you might wonder if kids’ martial arts is for them? If they’ve never taken part in such classes before, how do you know if it could benefit them? Let’s take a look.

It’s A Great Confidence Booster

Without a doubt, confidence boosting is one of the most positive aspects of martial arts for kids. It brings out the best in shy kids, because it forces them into the action (unlike some sports which might allow them to sit on the bench). In martial arts classes, kids are active participants, and they’ll learn when and where to use their new skills. Speaking of which…

It Provides Protection

At one time, martial arts weren’t a hobby. They were a necessary part of protecting oneself in a less-policed world, whether it was from marauders or an invading army. Sure, there are many advantages one gets from martial arts, but their roots are always about protection.

Most of us have moments in our lives where we could use a bit more protection, to be able to deal with situations knowing that you have a good chance of coming out on top should something go wrong. If you would like your child to be able to defend him or herself better while still not appearing to be the aggressor, kids martial arts is exactly the activity you’re looking for.

It’s Great Exercise

In numerous blogs we’ve discussed the many physical benefits of martial arts classes. Not only will participants become more limber, but they’ll also increase their awareness of their body in space, something called proprioception. But kids martials arts are also great exercise, because they get the body moving and the heart rate up. There will be grappling, kicking, punching, and many other movements which help kids to get the exercise they need. (And don’t worry, the punching and kicking don’t always mean that they’ll be making contact with another person!)

Bring them in!

There’s one way for sure to know if kids’ martial arts classes are right for you child: bring them in! Right now we have a great Quick Start program for only $49, where the child gets a free uniform, a free private lesson, and a month’s worth of lessons. It’s a low-cost way to find out if your child would be interested in kids’ martial arts training, and if it’s not for them then at least you’ll know. We bet they’ll love it!

Martial arts are a great way for kids to boost their confidence and get exercise at the same time. Oh, and did we mention that they’ll have great fun at the same time? Contact us today if you have questions or are ready to give our martial arts school a try!