Every so often we like to take a look at reviews that people are leaving for our Lyndhurst martial arts school. We can talk until we’re blue in the face about how great we are, and while it’s important for us to get accurate information out to the public in this blog, we think it’s pretty important to let our customers have a say every so often. Today we’re going to take a look at a few reviews our students (or their parents) have written for our martial arts classes.

First, let’s hear from Amy and the experience her daughter has had with Dragon Force, our martial arts classes for kids.

“Subforce is an amazing facility, it is very clean, has a friendly caring staff, and has a fun atmosphere. My daughter trains 3 times a week. She has learned responsibility, the importance of eating healthy while training, and how to respect her peers. She has also gained so much confidence through the years, which was the exact reason why we signed her up in the first place.  My daughter loves earning her belts and stripes, she feels so proud after hearing her Sensi explain how well she’s is improving and what her unique strengths are.”

— Amy Stella

Whoa, so much in there! We’re going to have to break that down a little bit to absorb it all!

First of all, thanks for saying such nice things about our facility. We know that no one, whether they’re a student or a parent, wants to come to a worn-down old school. Sure, that aesthetic might look good in a Rocky movie, but in real life people want something that’s clean and well-cared for.

You also mention that our staff is caring and fun. We can’t argue with you there! We choose our staff not just because they’re excellent martial artists, but because they are good teachers. After all, it’s a martial arts school, and that means having teachers who are able to impart their knowledge to the students. And part of being a teacher is another thing you’ve brought up: the ability to encourage kids and help them find their strengths.

We’re so glad that your daughter enjoys coming here, and that she’s experienced such a boost in confidence. It’s certainly something we focus on during our kids’ martial arts classes, because we want to see kids reach their full potential. We know that martial arts aren’t just about martial arts. It’s about developing skills that will help in everyday life, whether that’s school work or helping out at home or making friends.

Okay, let’s take a look at another review, this one coming in from Ames.

“Great venue, great teammates and great teachers. If you’re hungry to learn and grow I suggest you come in and give this place a try you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.”

— Ames Abdon

Thanks for writing in, Ames. We like your attitude when it comes to learning something new. Too many people have the thirst for learning yet never get out there and try anything new. And to those people we say, “just try it.” Even if you’re not into martial arts, why not try something you’ve never tried before? It’s great exercise, it helps with self-defense, and you’ll meet people from Lyndhurst that you otherwise never would have met. When you take a martial arts class with us, it’s true that you have everything to gain.

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