Every so often we like to take a look at some of the reviews that people are leaving for ours kids martial arts program called Dragon Force. It’s been a few months since we’ve gone over to Google to take a look at our most recent reviews (our most recent responses to our reviews can be found here) so we thought we’d head back over and see what people are saying about us.

We’ll start with Mirayma, who wrote her review just a few days ago.

“Amazing instructors, very patient and knowledgeable, friendly, new second floor recently added, clean and organized my son has learned so much here, we have been using this service for over a year and won’t be stopping any time soon.”

— Mirayma L

Thanks for writing in Mirayma. We see that you’re bringing your son to in for our kids’ martial arts classes, and we’re so glad you are! As a parent, we’re not surprised that you point out how organized and clean we are, because no parent wants their child to be spending their time in a sketchy martial arts school. Our goal is always to make Dragon Force students and their parents feel as comfortable as possible every moment they’re here. We’ll be sure to keep it up so that you “won’t be stopping any time soon”!

Of course, we’re also delighted that you’re so happy with our instructors. We pride ourselves on being patient with kids, because we know that everyone has to start somewhere. While adults might come into our martial arts classes seeking a specific skills — just self-defense or just exercise — kids are coming in to learn something new and to have fun while they’re doing it, and we love introducing them to kids martial arts.

Okay, let’s see what Lukas has to say…

“I love that my kids not only learn what to do on the mat but how they should behave off of it, as well.”

— Lukas Pospichal

So glad you’ve noticed how discipline makes its way home, Lukas. When we teach discipline in martial arts, it’s not just a way to keep the kids quiet so that we can teach them. It’s to keep with the centuries-old idea that martial arts should be a way of life that you take with you when you’re done with class.

So yes, there’s always going to be a physical component in martial arts; overcoming an opponent and honing one’s body is a big part of what martial arts training is about. And there’s always going to be a mental component to it, because “reading” an opponent and knowing how to best diffuse or shorten the altercation is another major aspect. But there are other aspects of training that should follow a person home: the knowledge that getting better takes practice, the ability to decide when to fight and when not to, and the discipline to know when to talk and when to listen. All of these can be used in martial arts classes and in nearly every aspect of life, improving a kid’s performance in school and their interest in helping out around the home.

Okay, now let’s find out what William (and his son William) think about our kids martial arts classes.

“My son William has been coming here for 2 years and has done both MMA & BJJ and he absolutely loves it!!!! All the teachers are awesome. Marcos, Abe, Mr. T and all the assistants do a fantastic job with the development of the youth. Sub Force is a very family oriented environment and bringing my son to this school has been a blessing. He works extremely hard and it shows. I recommend Subforce to anyone looking to get involved in BJJ & MMA! Adult or Youth!”

— William

Such kind words! Thanks for wrapping everything up for us, William. Anytime we see a message with that many exclamation points we get pretty excited too and can’t wait for our next class. When is it? Well, take a look at our schedule to find out. We hope you can find that perfect time for your child so that they can experience the benefits of our martial arts classes.