We all know that most kids have a blast when they’re in a martial arts class. While it’s a structured environment, it’s also a place where kids can be kids, which means learning, movement, and interaction with other kids their age.

Have you ever stopped to question why kids are prone to enjoying martial arts classes? We have some ideas.

They Have The Power

Back when Mattel was developing a new toy back in the 1980s, they put a bunch of boys in a room and watched them play. They noticed how the boys were constantly talking about power, about how the toys they had were more powerful than the toys the other kids had. Mattel ran with that idea, and He-Man and his catchphrase “I have the power!” were born.

It makes sense that kids would be looking for any semblance of power. Kids don’t have much say in what they do in life: parents have all the power at home, teachers have all the power at school. So it makes sense that young ones are looking for ways in which they can be powerful. Martial arts for kids helps them gain some of the power they crave. While the instructors are still in charge and the kids will have to follow instructions, kids feel powerful when they are able to pull off a martial arts move or get the best of a classmate in a drill.

Kids Crave Learning

There’s a reason you have to be careful what you say and do around kids; they’re little sponges. That’s because they’re constantly learning from emulating the children and adults that are around them. This curiosity is natural, and kids want to learn, especially when it’s something that’s fun.

The problem is that all too often we tell the kids “okay, it’s time to learn now.” You know, the sit-quietly-in-your-seat-and-listen-to-the-teacher situations we often present them with. But when kids aren’t so aware that they’re learning — such as when they’re having fun at a martial arts class for kids — they’ll learn a useful new skill, get exercise, and have a blast at the same time.

They Get To Move

If you tell a kid “okay, it’s time to exercise,” they’ll most likely put up a fight. Again, they’re sponges; in most cases, adults around them have told them how much they hate exercise and how they’d rather not do it. Kids pick up on that and often come to the conclusion that anything involving exercise might be a good thing but that it’s more work than it’s worth. On the other hand, take a kid to a playground and they’re going to get that exercise you know they need.

So, leave the word “exercise” out of something active and kids are much more likely to take to it. Martial arts for kids is a good example of something that they can dive right into and get that exercise that they need (and that you want them to get). Much like a playground or team sports, they’ll jump right in and start having fun.

Yes, They Get To Punch And Kick

In many ways our kids’ martial arts classes could be labeled mixed martial arts class. We bring together the most useful parts of many disciplines — Brazilian jiu jitsu, karate, taekwondo, muay thai, judo, wrestling, and more — so that kids get a good well-rounded understanding of each. By having them learn a little bit about a lot, they’ll be able to play to their own strengths and weaknesses while figuring out which martial art they enjoy most.

Because we draw from so many different disciplines for our kids’ martial arts classes, they’ll really be moving in lots of ways. Some of those ways include punching and kicking (don’t worry, the other kids are safe), and it’s no surprise why kids are so interested in those particular activities: it’s the entertainment they enjoy. Just about every action cartoon they watch has some sort of martial arts move in it, and the kids are going to emulate that whether you like it or not. Wouldn’t it be nice if the kids put that interest to good use?

We’re here to ensure that they use the punching and kicking they’re going to be doing anyway only for good! We’ll teach them when it’s okay and when it’s not to use their self-defense skills, and at the same time they can gain better control over those flailing arms so that, when they play-act their favorite shows, they won’t hurt anyone.

They Get To Spend Time With Other Kids Their Age

Being put in a room with other kids their age means one of two things to most kids: it’s either school or it’s playtime. Martial arts for kids falls somewhere in the middle; yes they’ll learn, but it’s also active and playful. It’s kind of like recess, because they get to be active, hand out with (new) friends, laugh, and interact with others their own age. They might not know they’re learning, but they certainly know they’re having fun!

Nearly every kid who comes through our doors simply can’t wait to come back the next week. We’ve tailored our martials arts classes so that they’re as fun as possible while still teaching kids valuable skills. Kids want to move, and the movements they want to engage in often lend themselves to what they’ll need in a kids martial arts class. Check out the class schedule right here!