In our most recent blog we talked about why weaponless martial arts is so important. While there are certainly some martial arts that focus on weapons, more often than not it just makes sense to be able to fight with your legs and feet rather than with a weapon. As we detailed last time, you can’t drop your martial art as you can a knife or gun, and no one can confiscate it from you at the airport. Just as important is the fact that having any sort of weapon is going to make you appear to be the aggressor, even if you’re not.

Writing that article made us realize that there are more than just three reasons why weaponless can have definite advantages over using weapons. Let’s take a look at a few more.

De-escalate the situation…

…instead of accidentally killing someone. The fact is, even if someone is attacking you, it’s unlikely you have the bloodlust to actually kill them. What you really want to do is stop them from attacking you, and that’s where the advantages of a weaponless martial art like Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu comes in. Our martial arts classes can teach you the best way to disarm your opponent and stop them from advancing, all without doing them serious harm that could get you into legal trouble and weigh on your conscious for a lifetime

At the same time, you won’t accidentally go off like a gun will! You won’t accidentally cut yourself with a knife as you fight. Having a weapon around means you’re just as likely to get hurt as your attacker.

You Don’t Have To Get A License

Isn’t it nice that you don’t have to get a license in order to learn a martial art? Isn’t it nice that the government hasn’t made it illegal to learn a martial art, as has been done in some countries when despots endeavor to keep the people under thumb? You can learn any martial art you want, whether it’s from a friend, a video, or at a martial arts school. Unlike getting a gun, you won’t need a license in order to take full advantage of one — or multiple — martial arts.

Weapons Don’t Get Your Exercise

Let’s say you carry a knife around for protection. You’re not getting any exercise.

Let’s say you carry a concealed carry firearm with you. No exercise. But what about if you practice and practice every day? Well, your biceps might get a little stronger from holding that one-pound gun at arm’s length, but it’s going to be hard to measure the amount.

Now, let’s take a look at martial arts training. Are you going to get a lot of exercise, both from BJJ or Muay Thai? Most certainly. Are you going to become more flexible? Definitely. Will your heart get stronger because of the martial arts classes? Yes!

The fact is, if you end up taking more martial arts classes beyond what we offer, you might eventually start using weapons. But it’s not something start with. When you’re looking for self-defense, check out our schedule!