Jiu Jitsu classes are a great start to MMAHere At Dragon Spirit Martial Arts, we have classes for kids and adults, and we break the kids out by age. Makes sense, right? But how do you decide which of our kids martial arts classes is right for your child?

Well, we’d love to meet you and your child and help you decide. But here are a few thoughts on what to expect from the different classes we offer.

Jiu Jitsu classes: Jiu jitsu classes are a great form of exercise and self-defense. They’re also a great sport if your child is interested in competing. Jiu jitsu helps form a great base for other forms of martial arts training as well.

Perhaps the greatest advantage jiu jitsu has is that it allows a weaker person to overcome a larger and stronger opponent. This makes it an excellent form of non-aggressive self-defense.

Mixed Martial Arts: Mixed martial arts classes for kids aren’t the bloodbath that you might see on MMA fights on television. The similarity is that your child will be learning different styles of martial arts from many different disciplines. This appeals to kids because they’re learning the best and most powerful moves from at least half-a-dozen different martial arts, which keeps them interested and gives them a fun introduction to many at the same time.

Whether you and your child decide on mixed martial arts classes or jiu jitsu classes, we’re sure of one thing…they’re going to have fun and get a lot of exercise! Check out our world class martial arts kids class schedule here.