dreamstime_xxl_49319395We’ve talked before about how much equipment you’ll need for Brazilian jiu jitsu training (turns out it’s not that much). And we’ve talked about what you might need for MMA training (not much in the ring, but a fair amount in the gym). So what about Muay Thai fighting? Here are the most common pieces of clothing and equipment you’ll need for Muay Thai training.

Shorts: When you see a Muay Thai fight, you’ll notice that most fighters aren’t wearing very much, which draws your eyes to the shorts. These shorts are specifically made to deliver a full range of motion while still staying on via an elastic waistband that stays comfortable while still keeping your shorts on (you’ll be doing a lot of moving, and you don’t want them to slide off unintentionally!) These shorts also have to go through a lot that regular shorts don’t, such as being kicked repeatedly and rubbed against the mat. You can also get them in a variety of colors and designs, so that you can match your team or just give the manufacturer free advertising!

Groin Protection: Assaults on the groin are illegal…but that doesn’t mean they don’t happen, either intentionally or unintentionally. Whether you’re just sparring in our Muay Thai training class or in a tournament, you’ll want to protect yourself, because if you’re not wearing groin protection all it takes is one hit to take you out for the rest of the day.

Boxing Gloves: Muay Thai uses boxing gloves that are different from what you think of for traditional boxing. These gloves are smaller and lighter. Many Muay Thai fighters have two sets of gloves, a lighter 10-ounce pair for when you’re pounding punching bags, and a heavier 16-inch pair for when you’re in the ring.

Hold on, that’s not all! We’ll be back soon with another list of some of the stuff you’re going to want to have around whenever you’re in the middle of Muay Thai training. Some is more important than others, so be sure to talk to the experts before you go all out.