bjj cta_revThere are a dozen reasons why people come to our Brazilian jiu jitsu classes. But there are some great side effects that come with taking martial arts classes that most people never even think about.

Increase Your Agility: Martial arts like Brazilian jiu jitsu will stretch you out. You might start standing, but most matches end on the ground. For both attack and defense you’ll be stretching your arms, legs, back, and muscles you never thought about before.

Become more graceful: Guys, don’t be scared away by this word. When we say graceful, we’re not talking about you becoming a ballerina (ballerin-o?). It means being more aware of the space your body is taking up, which makes you better at responding to any situation that might occur. Step off the curb a little wrong? You can recover faster and not fall into traffic. Out at a club? You’ll be a better dancer. Of course this transfers to your martial art training as well.

Stand taller: For many us us, martial arts classes are a confidence booster. Because you’re more agile and graceful, you have more confidence in what your body can do. You stand taller, which creates a feedback loop to your brain telling it to be more confident.

In all, you’re going to be more aware of how your body works and what it can do. When that happens, you’re going to want to learn more about what it can do, which makes you a better martial artist as well as a more confident person. Check the schedule to see if our Brazilian jiu jitsu and all our martial arts classes will work for you.