There are thousands of ways to get exercise, and every one seems to suggest that it’s the best at “toning your body” or “losing weight.”

But how many of them are fun? And how many of them make you look forward to working out every week? Brazilian jiu jitsu is a great way to enjoy exercise, all the while learning self defense and feeling better about yourself. But how exactly is it improving your body?

Flexibility: Yoga is great, but it burns fewer calories than walking. Brazilian jiu jitsu gets your limbs limber, because when you’re flexible, you’re less likely to get injured in any endeavor. Once you’re acclimated to your flexibility, you’ll also wake up less sore and be able to recover faster.

Strength: We’ve told you many times about how Brazilian jiu jitsu martial arts training is a great way for a physically weaker opponent to overcome a larger attacker. But all things being equal, strength will help. That’s why we also focus on exercise that will help you build muscle.

Weight loss: You will be active! While some of Brazilian jiu jitsu training is learning about technique, you will get moving and burn calories. Any time you’re moving certainly beats time in front of the television.

Brazilian jiu jitsu offers an amazing combination of exercise, defense, and mental exercise, all while building your confidence. You’ve got nothing to lose considering we’ll give you two weeks of training for free. Give us a call today to schedule a tour!