224X313-INSTRUCTERLyndhurst might not be a large metropolitan area, but we still have quite a few martial arts studios (and if you didn’t know that, forget what we just said…SubForce is the only martial arts studio within 100 miles.) So when it comes time to pick one, how can you decide which one is for you?

The Martial Art You Want:There are dozens of martial arts with hundreds of variations. If you haven’t decided on which martial arts you’re most interested in then we’d love to recommend Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Muay Thai. And while we don’t offer judo or karate directly, aspects of these classes are incorporated into our mixed martial arts classes.

Visit the Facility: At SubForce you’ll be spending quite a bit of time working with our equipment and getting up off the mats. We’ve recently repainted and decked out our studio so that it looks better than ever, and we think you’ll be impressed!

Meet the Instructors: You’ll be interacting with many people during your martial arts classes, and one that you’ll be spending every class with is your instructor. Of course, by “interacting with” we’re talking about grappling with as well as taking instruction from. Our instructors are friendly and encouraging, so we’re sure you’ll enjoy working with them.

SubForce and Dragon Spirit are here to offer you the best martial arts training in Lyndhurst, Rutherford, North Arlington, and beyond. Stop by and find your martial art today!