bjj cta_revWhy does anyone offer anything for free? It’s no surprise…give someone a taste of something good and they’re more likely to come back and buy it.

So we have absolutely no problem offering two weeks of SubForce BJJ classes to you free of charge. We’re confident that if you try us you’ll keep coming back for more.

But what is it about martial arts that makes people keep at it?

You’ll have fun – The fact is, martial arts training is fun. It’s an excellent way to get together with other people who have a like-minded goal of improving themselves while having fun doing it.

You’ll get exercise – When you ask a doctor “what’s the best form of exercise” many of them will reply “the one that you enjoy most.” Because if you don’t enjoy it, you won’t do it. And if you pick an exercise you do like then you’re more likely to actually get your butt out of the chair and get your heart moving.

You’ll feel more confident – Martial arts training is a great confidence booster. While you’re having fun and getting healthy, your brain receives endorphins and you’ll feel better overall. The training you’re getting helps you know that, in the wrong situation, you’ll be better able to defend yourself.

All that and you get a free t-shirt!

It doesn’t matter whether you try the free two weeks in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kids martial arts, or Muay Thai training. We’re certain that you’ll find something you like at SubForce BJJ. Sign up for your trial period today!