In my mere 14 years of training martial arts,  I have crossed paths with some really self-absorbed, tough-talking, sociopathic “on” martial artists.  Some claim a flawless, fight record and tell tales that sound more like a superhero’s daily routine.  They talk and walk with an untouchable aura.

I have also seen these types of martial artists get an unsavory, not-so-nice,  physical beat down.  {insert surprised look emoji here}.

Here are some RED flags when selecting a martial art instructor:

  1. Instructor rambles on about their undefeated street fighting record or that forms championship they won in 1991.  Run!
  2. Instructor never asks anything about you.  Get up and walk away!
  3. Instructor does not implement any sparring in the classes.  Just leave..quickly! (Remember, martial arts is a hands-on…and feet-on…experience.)

You CANNOT and WILL not become an EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT Martial Artist without somewhat replicating the very thing you will face in a street fight or competition:  A resisting opponent(s), chaos, stress inoculation etc.   Most traditional martial art schools rehearse exotic, formatted, fight sequences that are far better suited for a movie.   Martial Art efficacy is the goal, not fight choreography.

The video above will explain the rest. And there are MANY.  Check out Gracie in Action on youtube.