1. Are you a FUNCTIONAL Martial Artist?

    The common perception of a black belt martial artist is that they are masters of pugilism. Unfortunately, NOT all martial artists can actually scrap. Who, or what, is to blame for such a shocking epidemic? Perhaps, it's in the delivery system of the information and the methods used in class. I have been to classes where student A throws a cooperative jab punch, leaving it out there for student…Read More

  2. Be Aware of Fraudulent Martial Artists…

    In my mere 14 years of training martial arts,  I have crossed paths with some really self-absorbed, tough-talking, sociopathic "on" martial artists.  Some claim a flawless, fight record and tell tales that sound more like a superhero's daily routine.  They talk and walk with an untouchable aura. I have also seen these types of martial artists get an unsavory, not-so-nice,  physical beat down…Read More

  3. LOSE YOUR EGO notes

    When a person tries so hard to remove their ego, they get caught up within their ego. We can not be rid of the ego.  We can learn to banish it's domineering nature and relegate it to the backound of our mind. We must empty our mind of materialistic attachments and egotistical vanity.  Forget the self. When a martial artist is physically relaxed and mentally calm, he is in a controlled state of c…Read More

  4. The more you learn, the less you use.

    How many moves will you learn in martial arts training? You might learn hundreds of techniques throughout your journey, but you don't necessarily need to master every one...especially not right away. Can you fit hundreds of tools in your tool box?  Are you bringing a saw to hammer a nail? Because if nails are all you're going to encounter every day, then you'd better get pretty good with that h…Read More

  5. How to perform Techniques faster

    You know, we could beat around the bush all day telling you how to get better, but in fact it's  very simple... Drill your techniques fast.  Drill like how you want to perform.  Want to get faster at throwing jabs in Muay Thai?  Throw faster jabs. Once you have the technique down, don't hold back. You'll get faster and stronger Want to get faster scissor sweeping?  Perform them as fast as you…Read More

  6. Benefits of Developing Patience

    No matter what you're trying to do, you have to be patient. That includes in your martial arts classes and in many other physical and mental activites. It's also important to be PATIENT in: Losing weight Making decisions Getting faster and stronger Recovering from injury Becoming a black belt in any martial art: BJJ, Muay Thai, or otherwise. Reaching your goals _______________________ The Benefi…Read More

  7. How to BE-come GREAT

      What do Mozart, Bruce Lee, Mia Hamm, Michael Jordan, Bob Marley, Steffi Graf, Michelangelo, and Muhammad Ali all have in common?  Besides being considered all-time greats and worldwide icons, legends, and prodigies? The BEST athletes, musicians, artists and thinkers have ONE Universal concept in common:  Consistent, Diligent, Purposeful Practice.    Purposeful Practice was the only…Read More

  8. How to get BETTER at Martial Arts

    Have you ever wondered how the best martial artists get to be the best? Is it because they sit at home watching TV all day? Not quite. It takes martial arts training, and a whole lot more 1) Join a Martial Arts Class!  Going to class isn't just about getting fit and learning techniques.  There is a discipline in the act of getting up and going to class.  Going to class also puts you in a room …Read More