Have you ever wondered how the best martial artists get to be the best? Is it because they sit at home watching TV all day? Not quite. It takes martial arts training, and a whole lot more

1) Join a Martial Arts Class!  Going to class isn’t just about getting fit and learning techniques.  There is a discipline in the act of getting up and going to class.  Going to class also puts you in a room with like-minded people.  People that share the same interest as you: Martial Arts!

2) Take Initiative.  Some people take a class, go home and continue on with their lives.   You gotta live Martial Arts.  You gotta get on YouTube and research techniques. Write a few down, come to class early the next day or stay after class to drill those or any techniques.  Take control of your training.  Put in the work.

3) Ask Questions.  Ask the higher ranks at a martial arts school.  Ask the teachers.  Pick our brains!

4) Drill.  Put in those repetitions. Internalize the techniques.  Make them instinctual.  By repeating the techniques over and over, you are converting them to muscle memory.