Here at SubForce, we realize that not everyone is tournament-bound when it comes to our Muay Thai or BJJ classes. Some people are simply in our classes in order to get more limber, increase their heart rate, and have that time every week where they could let off steam.

That’s why we created Hybrid Fitness, a class that combines all of the workout aspects of our martial arts classes with additional muscle-building and fat-burning. If it’s a great workout you’re looking for, keep reading to find out exactly how it can help your body.


It’s no secret: when you exercise, you use up calories to get energy. Exercise more and you’ll burn even more calories, and that’s going to end up burning fat as well. Exercise quickly and you’ll burn them even faster!

We keep the energy up during those 35 minutes in our martial arts fitness class so that you’re always moving and burning calories. Cardio burns calories, as does the weight training that’s part of the program.

Target the Heart

Because the class keeps you moving, your heart is moving faster and faster, getting stronger and stronger. There are many reasons you want to keep your heart happy. First of all, strengthening your heart with regular exercise means a lower incidence of heart disease and other heart-related problems in the future. But that’s much too long-term for many people to consider, so just think of it this way: as you exercise your heart, your heart gets stronger, and then exercise is easier! You’ll be able to participate in more activities without becoming winded, whether it’s walking up flights of stairs or running a marathon.

Build Those Muscles

The heart is the most important muscle, but nobody can see your heart! At Hybrid Fitness, you’ll be able to build those muscles that people can actually see with our weight training equipment such as sandbags, battling ropes, medicine balls, and kettlebells. Your leg, arm, and back muscles will get stronger and stronger. As a bonus, your muscles will also be easier to see as you lose fat via the rest of the workout.

Just like your heart, your muscles get stronger as you exercise and are less likely to suffer fatigue. Exercising ensures that you’re able to do more with our body.

Strengthen Your Bones

If someone lies in bed for months, it’s not just their muscles but their bones that atrophy as well. Bones actually require resistance in order to thrive, which makes them a lot like muscles if you think about it. Whenever you put pressure on your bones, you’re strengthening them; the more often you do this, the stronger they get. This not only improves your workout but also reduces the chance of osteoporosis in later years. 50-percent of women and 25-percent of men end up with osteoporosis after the age of 50, so it’s a serious concern that you can start warding off now.

Improve Your Flexibility

When most people think flexibility, they think of dancers and gymnasts. But increased flexibility helps everyone in their daily lives, whether they’re reaching high up on a shelf or stooping to vacuum under the couch. Not only will it feel better when you stretch, but you’re also much less likely to hurt your back if you overextend your reach (or what used to be your maximum reach). Flexibility means that you’ll also be able to perform better at other types of exercise, whether it’s swimming, running, yoga, or the martial arts training here at SubForce.


There are few cooler words, or concepts, than proprioception. Proprioception is how your body knows where its parts are even if those parts can’t be seen. The easiest way that it can be explained is via the field sobriety tests that police officers can give drivers: close your eyes and touch your nose. A sober person has no trouble knowing where the nose is and where the tip of the finger is, even though there’s no visual feedback.

It doesn’t end there, though. The rest of the body is also constantly giving you feedback, which allows you to walk up stairs in the dark or run along the gym flood with your eyes closed. (We’d suggest a spotter for that so that you don’t run into the wall!) The more you move your body in new ways, the better your proprioception becomes, which makes the huge variety of experiences you’ll find at Hybrid Fitness an excellent way to improve the way your body moves through space.

Calm the Mind

Exercise, including martial arts fitness training, can seem like a paradox: it excites the body while calming the mind. Many people engage in exercise because it allows them to get away from the world and have a single goal that they’re working toward. While their body might be active, the mind is given a rest

Of course, you can’t ignore the mood-boosting ability of exercise. It’s been shown to make people feel better mentally, even alleviating mild depression. Strengthen your mind and body at the same time with an amazing martial art fitness class like no other!.

Martial Arts

We’re a pretty friendly place here at SubForce, and we don’t hesitate to say to our teachers are excellent. So when someone is a member here, they like to stay close. Those in BJJ classes might decide to try out Hybrid Fitness, and those in Hybrid Fitness might decide that they’re interested in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

It doesn’t matter which direction you head, because the time in Hybrid Fitness is going to combine everything that we’ve mentioned above to improve performance in whatever martial arts class you happen to be a part of. Being more limber means that you can grapple better in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and that you can kick higher in Muay Thai classes. Having stronger muscles means that you’ll be able to punch and kick harder in kickboxing, and can give you an advantage in BJJ to keep someone in a particular lock. Having a stronger heart means that you’ll be able to endure a match without getting exhausted, while having stronger bones means…well, that you’ll be able to still engage in martial arts as you age!

It doesn’t really matter why you’ve decided that a martial arts fitness program like Hybrid Fitness is for you. It really only matters that you get started. Even if you only attend in order to burn calories, you’re also going to experience all of the other wonderful advantages that we talked about up above. Learn more about it here, and then be sure to contact us about any specials we might be running.