1. Is Your Kid Not A “Sports” Kid? Kids Martial Arts Might Be Right For Them

    There are some kids who are simply into sports. Sometimes they love playing them, sometimes talking about them, other times watching them on TV. (Let’s admit it: most “sports kids” are interested in all three of those.) Other kids just aren't that much into sports. Maybe they’re a bit uncoordinated, or the interest in sports just doesn’t run in their family. Perhaps they’ve tried sport…Read More

  2. Here’s the Definition of Kung Fu, Capoeira, and…Kids Martial Arts?

      In our most recent article we discussed short histories of fighting styles and the translations of martial arts names. We told you how judo is most often translated as “gentle way,” Muay Thai most likely means “to make things united,” and karate means “empty hand.” Jiu Jitsu, in addition to having multiple spellings and hyphenations, can mean “gentle art,” “flexible art,” …Read More

  3. What Does Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Mean? How About Muay Thai?

      It’s interesting how words become commonplace in the English language. Grow up around the word cul-de-sac and you never question why it’s called that. (It’s French for “bottom of the bag,” by the way.) The same goes for many of the martial arts disciplines that are out there. The first time you see the words jiu jitsu on the window of a strip mall, you might think them funny. But afte…Read More

  4. Why Kids Love Martial Arts Classes So Much

      We all know that most kids have a blast when they’re in a martial arts class. While it’s a structured environment, it’s also a place where kids can be kids, which means learning, movement, and interaction with other kids their age. Have you ever stopped to question why kids are prone to enjoying martial arts classes? We have some ideas. They Have The Power Back when Mattel was developing…Read More

  5. 5 Reasons Martial Arts Classes Make a Great Gift For the Holidays

    Now that the Thanksgiving turkey has been eaten (including the leftovers), the rest of the holiday season is here bring with it a number of gift-giving holidays. If you’re one of the Black Friday shoppers, you might have been done by 3:00 pm on Friday and spent the weekend after wrapping presents. You’re done with shopping! But if you’re like most people, you’ll be searching for gifts up u…Read More

  6. Lesser-Known Benefits of Taking a Martial Arts Class

    In our most recent blog we discussed some of the ways that joining a martial arts class will affect your body. First and foremost, we discussed the fact that martial arts offer a full-body workout that you simply don’t get from most other sports. Then we went on to mention that such a workout almost always leads to weight loss...unless you replace that fat with muscle, because muscle weighs more…Read More

  7. How Muay Thai Fighting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Affects Your Body

    While Muay Thai Kickboxing and BJJ might be known more as forms of self-defense for many people, they can also be explored as a sport. After all, there’s training, coaching, practicing, and competitions. And like most sports, martial arts training can actually help your body out in many ways, and the more you participate, your better you’ll get better at the martial art itself. Let’s take a …Read More

  8. A Few More Reasons Why Weaponless Martial Arts Training Is Superior

    In our most recent blog we talked about why weaponless martial arts is so important. While there are certainly some martial arts that focus on weapons, more often than not it just makes sense to be able to fight with your legs and feet rather than with a weapon. As we detailed last time, you can’t drop your martial art as you can a knife or gun, and no one can confiscate it from you at the airpo…Read More

  9. Why Weaponless Training Is The Best Martial Arts Training

    In our previous blog we discussed some of the reasons that most martial arts training doesn’t include the use of weapons. And while we acknowledged that some military martial arts do incorporate the use of weapons, most of those are about harming someone in order to disable them or even kill them. So, let's reel it in a bit. Let’s talk about why, in the modern world of self-defense, not having…Read More

  10. How Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Have Warped The Idea of Martial Arts Training

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Sure, they’re ninjas, and over the course of six movies, comics, more than one TV show, and hundreds of action figures, they have portrayed a very...unique idea of what martial arts are. Did you know that you can tell them apart by the color of their masks? Yeah, we didn’t either. It wasn’t even always a possibility, as the TMNT started out in black and white co…Read More