1. More Ways Martial Arts For Kids In Lyndhurst Can Help Them Get Through Awkward Times

      We talked before about a few of the ways that martial arts for kids can help them get through awkward times associated with growing up fast. Here are a few more reasons why taking a kids martial arts class might be for them. Defense - It’s certainly one of the unfair certainties of childhood: not everyone starts maturing at the same time. Some kids shoot up tall while others are left behi…Read More

  2. How Family Martial Arts Classes Can Bring Your Family Together

      It’s always awesome when a family can find something in common that they all enjoy. Martial arts training in Lyndhurst is a wonderful way a family can grow together when they’re learning the same martial art. While SubForce BJJ doesn’t have any current classes where families will do the same training at the same time, classes such as Brazilian jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts training…Read More

  3. How Kids Martial Arts In Lyndhurst Can Help Them Get Through Some Awkward Times

      There’s no doubt that kids grow up fast, and while it might pain us a parents, it’s a good thing. The imagined alternative of “no growing” is much worse than seeing them grow up as healthy as possible. When they reach puberty, their bodies are changing so quickly that it can lead to awkward times beyond what they talk about in health class. We’re happy to say that kids martial art…Read More

  4. How Martial Arts Fitness Classes Can Help Your Martial Arts Training

      Martial arts training is an incredible way to bring awareness to the connection between your mind and body, and there’s no doubt that it’s an incredible exercise. But while participating in a couple of Brazilian jiu jitsu or muay thai kickboxing classes per week is a great start on your way to fitness, those classes alone won’t be enough to get you a sculpted body. Here’s are ways t…Read More

  5. Muay Thai Training? Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? Which type of martial arts training should you choose?

      Whenever people visit our martial arts training classes, they’re often drawn to a specific style based on what they see. Some of us are more interested in making an opponent submissive, while others are more interested in beating them into submissiveness. So we invite you to contact us and sit in on various classes to see which is for you. Are you a kid?: First of all, sometimes your age …Read More

  6. Capoeira? What Kind Of Martial Arts Training Is That?

      Most people have heard of mixed martial arts training, and nearly everyone can tell you that Jiu Jitsu is a martial art and not a dish at a Japanese restaurant. But Capoeira? It’s certainly not a word that’s become commonplace in American homes...yet. History: Capoeira (pronounce it like cap-oo-era and we’ll know what you’re talking about), like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, has its roots in…Read More

  7. Are Kids Martial Arts Classes Right For My Child?

    You might be asking yourself if our martial arts for kids will be right for you child? You know your son or daughter best, but here are some questions we’re pretty sure we can answer for you. Does you kid need exercise? — Yes! It doesn’t matter if you child is overweight or underweight, they still need exercise. Our kids martial arts classes, whether it’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or mixed marti…Read More

  8. 3 Ways That Our Kids Martial Arts Classes End Up Helping Us

      When it comes to our studio classes, few are more fun than our kids martial arts classes. While they are certainly structured, they give us a chance to enjoy our profession through new eyes, and make a welcome change from our adult classes. We can slow down: Martial arts are intense! Matches and sparring are often over before you know it. So in such a fast-paced sport, it’s important to b…Read More

  9. How Do Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Differ From Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai Training Classes?

    Many parents are reluctant to put their kids in martial arts classes because they’re either afraid their kid will get hurt or they’re afraid their kid will hurt someone. We’re happy to say that our classes aren’t just the same martial arts training classes that we teach our adults. The martial arts classes for kids are specially tailored for the way kids learn, focusing not only on techniq…Read More

  10. Why We’re Offering Two Weeks Of Our Mixed Martial Arts And Brazilian Jiu Jitsu For Free

      Why does anyone offer anything for free? It’s no surprise...give someone a taste of something good and they’re more likely to come back and buy it. So we have absolutely no problem offering two weeks of SubForce BJJ classes to you free of charge. We’re confident that if you try us you’ll keep coming back for more. But what is it about martial arts that makes people keep at it? You…Read More